Confidentiality is a core value of the counselling profession and is something that I personally take very seriously. I am professionally required to attend regular supervision, who works to the same ethical standards, and is bound by confidentiality. Full names are never disclosed.

If I thought you may be at risk to yourself or others, I may need to disclose this information to the appropriate service. I would always aim to discuss this with you first and is not something I take lightly.

What to expect

A first appointment is an opportunity for us both to meet and see if we can work together. During this appointment, we can discuss what you want to get out of therapy and offer an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. This will take 30 mins, so we can both see if working together is the right thing for us.

Moving forward from the first session, I will ask you to sign a contract.

All further sessions will be weekly (when possible) for 50 mins.

Why Weekly?

Research shows this is the most affective time frame to leave between appointments. This might change as we work towards an ending.


You can pay in cash at the end of each session. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal.

Sessions cost £30 for a first appointment, £50 follow up. Lower fees are considered for students and those on a low income. Please email for details.


If you are unable to attend a session, please give the plenty of notice. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required. Failure to do so, on non-attendance will result in incurring the full fee of the session.

From time to time, the Counsellor may not be able to attend sessions, usually due to training workshops, conferences or holidays. I will give you as much notice as possible. I am unwell, I will inform you as soon as possible and try to offer you an alternative appointment. Sessions missed due to my unavailability are not chargeable.

How long are appointments?

A first appointment lasts for 30 minutes. All follow up appointments are 50 minutes long. The whole 50 minutes is your time. This is an industry standard.

I offer both short and long term therapy. Everyone is different, so it is difficult to give a timescale on therapy. It would be advisable to work together initially for 6-8 weeks and review the work. The client decides whether they would like the work to continue. Its is important we have a planned ending session.

Insurance and checks

I am fully insured and has a comprehensive DBS (disclosure and barring service) certificate.

What is Humanistic Therapy?

“Humanistic” is the modality that I follow. This means the theory I base my practice upon. My training has taken place alongside Psychodynamic colleagues. My Master of Science training looks at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I decided to train as a humanistic practitioner because I feel the theory supports my worldview. Humanistic therapy is based existential and phenomenological philosophical foundations, which explore the meaning of life and being human. Within therapy this can be used to help the client develop a stronger, healthier sense of self, as well as access and understand their feelings to help gain a sense of meaning in life.